Nov 12, 2008

Teacher's comment


I'm fine today but a little worn-out. My company came up with this new teacher's comment and they want us to apply it right away. They didn't given us some time to adjust to it. It's lengthy. They want us to correct the pronunciation, sentence construction and so forth. We've been doing that but not all everyday. I mean I've been correcting each of my student just one sentence they created. And sometimes corrected just one or two mispronounced words. But now it's different they expect us to give more.

I believe in correcting students whenever they make mistakes. But I think my company should also consider the time factor. I mean an ample time need to be alloted to make comments. How can we give thorough comments if there's time constraint. For instance, in my case I've got classes from three to five students straight. My company must manage our schedule properly. They have to set aside extra time after each class. Maybe five or ten minutes have to be allocated to give effective remark.

My Korean students are paying us to teach them English so I guess we must give our very best. But how about us? I hope our head will take time to listen to our concern.

Got to go. Bye!


  1. Hey Korean is a difficult language i guess. A few of my friends learned it.

  2. Hey, sounds like you've discovered one of the many joys of teaching English abroad - over-demanding employers. I'm going to teach in China next year so I'll be interested to see how it goes for you over in Korea. I'm sure I'll be inspired!

    If you haven't visited already, the following website has some excellent info for English teachers:

    Happy teaching!

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