Nov 11, 2008

Teacher, pass!

I'm feeling so-so today. I was a little pissed off with my one-on-one Korean student. He was not cooperative today. No matter how I tried to encourage him to speak up, but he still didn't want to. I really made an effort to make the lesson simpler. Oh my! HIs favorite expression is 'pass'. As a practice after I discussed the lesson, I asked him to answer 'do you have a camera?'. Then he just said, 'pass...simple'. When I urged him a little harder (with a tinge of gentleness), he finally answered 'yes, I am'. Stop! Did I hear it right or did I?

So much for this, I was glad to talk to my first Telephone English student this afternoon. Among my Korean students, I regarded him as my pet. He is only ten years old but he can read well some common English words. And even if he's still young, you hardly can recognize his nationality if he speaks because he already have an American English accent already. I am very proud of him.

Alright! Bye for now. I need to have my coffee break...

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