Nov 22, 2008

Once a Rude

“What?” is often the word I’ve heard from my young male student. Whenever I corrected him, he bluntly shouted at me that same word. At first, I was so shocked and yet was challenged to have such kind of student. From him I have learned how to be more patient.

As the days went by, same things happened. I corrected him, he yelled at me. In spite of that, I finally decided one day to report the incidents to the staff and made up my mind never to continue classes with him. I didn’t know what made me so determined to do it but I gathered my strengths to let it known to the right people.

On the following day, I expected not to see my student on my schedule. On the contrary, I still saw him on my list. So I asked the staff I consulted the previous day the reason, and then she said that the student didn’t want to change his teacher. And the mother of the student promised that never will that situation happen again.

Oh my God! I got nervous. I didn’t know how I would conduct the class. Mixed emotions enveloped my senses. I disliked him being rude at me but still happy to know that he still wanted me to be his teacher. I tried to understand him and think positively that he liked me as a teacher. And so during the class, I acted as if nothing happened.

After a few days, I have learned to love him and I think he also did the same to me. What he lacked was knowledge about some polite expressions, and I taught him how. He was once a rude student, now a polite one.


  1. Is this a culture thing? It seems the young generation are generally growing up this way, with scant respect for teachers.

  2. your student still wanted you to be his teacher, because you are a good teacher.:)

  3. Congratulations to the great teacher. I personally am a polite student but i like rough and rude teachers. If teachers are being too kind i could always go for an advantage to me. And yeap the young generation is growing rude. And please open comments on your blog for every one

  4. i myself personally like rough and rue teachers.. anyways congratulations teacher..
    and could you give "everyone" the permission to comment on your blog please

  5. you really seem to be a dedicated teacher...

  6. nice stuff lyndia,,,,,

    hope to see good posts from u....


  7. Glad things wrkd out for u @ the end... Good one.


  8. Do not worry!
    Perhaps the book for them is flat.
    Give them some amusing, exciting stories, visit here: (blocked in China)

    Then words are really plain, the class is never flat. You will find someone's eyes shiny.

  9. keep up the good work and be strong , sooner or later he will realize and thank u

  10. hi lydia, thanks for ur comment in my blog....u r a teacher?

  11. thanks for coming..nice met you..but sorry my english is not good..