Nov 18, 2008

Her Great Dreams

My student has great dreams. She is one of my outstanding students on the Telephone English class. Her telling of true-to-life experiences to me made me feel like I’m her one true friend.

When I corrected her grammar, she carefully listened and tried her best to apply the knowledge I had imparted. I couldn’t remember any single class that she ever complained about my instruction. She welcomed corrections and even asked questions for some things that she could hardly understand. I believe that real students need be like that. Students who are interested to learn have to clarify things for them to easily comprehend. They must not be afraid of committing mistakes.

One time during in one of our discussions, she mentioned of having a school of her own. She would like to be a teacher. She wanted to be like me, and I think that was a rewarding statement coming from a favorite student. Aside from that, she dreamed of running a watch business named after her. And that’s not all, she is also planning to sell watches to be designed by her.

I have tried to ask how she is going to make it, but she was too afraid to divulge it to me. Trying to ponder how she reacted, I have learned that we should dream big dreams and shouldn’t let anyone steal our dreams.


  1. Hi Doc,

    Can I hang out with your students? haha... just kidding. Would love to hear more stories about how they cope up with stress while studying English. Keep up the good work!


  2. Maybe in some years you get some letter from one of your old students reporting that she is teaching Korean to English people. And that would be a "completed circle". Life is like that. Mysterious :-)

  3. You must really be a proud teacher. great thoughts. Keep it up !