Nov 6, 2008

another journey to take with my new Korean student

Hi. Good morning. I couldn't sleep. Maybe this is due to a nap I took yesterday afternoon. You know what, my boss asked me yesterday that I'll be having a new one on one class with a new Korean student. I was about to refuse but she said that the student just enrolled for a month only, so I had no choice but to say 'yes'. Or maybe I had a choice but set that aside for some personal reasons I can't divulge. Here's a little problem, my boss requested me to report to the office an hour earlier my regular working hours. Oh no! I've got to change my usual waking hours. Is it a problem? Or maybe it's just me who make it as such? I've got to be in the office one hour before the time. I have to stick that in mind, no matter what.

An upcoming challenge is I'm going to experience. Do you want to know why? It's because I'll be teaching a male Korean student. Another 'oh no' again. Teaching English to male Korean students is a little bit challenging to me because they're hard to manage.

Anyway, a teacher should be a teacher. What else can I be? I choose this profession. So I must do the math.

Seeing things in a better perspective, I think is the proper thing to do. I got to know another Korean, another student, and above all another person. That's the best part of being an English Teacher of Korean students, you keep on meeting different personalities. Tomorrow is another journey to take with my new Korean student. Tomorrow is another chance to know another person to take care of. Bye!

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  1. I think I should learn english and koren both from youu.