Nov 5, 2008


Strike a pose!!!

hi. I'm taking a break from work. I can't explain why I'm happy today but definitely I am. This morning, I had a good time. It's either because I've been to a place (7,107 CRUISE SHIP-Pier 6, Manila) which I never had before or is it because I simply spent my time with my special someone. But on my way to work my headache just emerged. A terrible headache, that's what they call it. Shocks!!! I blamed it to a very hot weather. Oh summer, I hate you! Hoping to ease the pain, I massaged my forehead from time to time. And yes, I felt a little better. Have to go back to work. Catch you later...

1 comment:

  1. Are you beautiful woman ^^, nice to meet you, I hope we can be good friend ^^