Dec 12, 2008

Act out a Theater

My first one-on-one male student, together with his mother and sister arrived to the Philippines. Just like any Koreans, they came over to study English at some academies that offer English lessons. They have rented an apartment and agreed to the lessor to stay for a few months.

Before the start of any class, our boss saw to it that a brief background about the student will be given. As asserted to me, the student disliked to study English and knew little English words. Another test for my abilities as a teacher has yet waited to be shown.

First day of the class is always a significant part of my teaching career. They say that first impression lasts. But if I were to ask, I negate to believe this popular maxim. First meeting with the student is a crucial stage for me because that is when I think of the proper teaching techniques and strategies to be applied in class.

All the things being described about him was true. He was too quiet to express what's on his mind. I have tried hard to be amiable as possible. I've given all the sweetest smiles I could. My voice was the softest and spoke slowly for him to comprehend what I needed him to. Every time I asked him a question, I patiently waited for his reply anticipating the little English words he knew. And that's not all, I even drew some pictures on the paper of some words he didn't understand. If he still couldn't get through, I made some gestures.

After a few weeks, I was delighted to see his improvement. He was able to smile and made some facial expressions while relating a story about his life. As a remembrance, he gave me a cell phone accessory from Korea and I still carry it until now.

The situation reminded me of one of my best teachers in college. For you to be a good teacher according to him, you must sometimes act as if you're in front of many spectators at a theater.


  1. nice way of teaching.. good post!

  2. I believe that the teaching is the most respective and most prestigious job in the world.

  3. Just to say hi and wish you a very merry x'mas. Thank you for your support.

  4. you should've give them a sample of pinay bitchy, jaz joking. seriously, koreans as they are, they are still in the teens age bracket. you know how teens are, but they're ok once you get to know them.

  5. hi there! have a great day ahead! happy blogging!

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